Pulling the Urban Geometry Exhibition Together

Putting on an exhibition is a big task, much bigger than I had first thought. Making this a success required a mix of artistic expression, emotional investment, project management logic and timing, a bit of basic math and some geometric puzzling. As in a house remodel, there are numerous moving parts, various vendors, often-conflicting deadlines, and an overwhelming number of choices that need to be made.

What a fantastic learning experience!

When I visited the exhibition in person, the thing I was most struck with was that there were no surprises. The investment in time, effort, attention to detail, and interaction with the client, Jean Jackson, had all paid off. Everything was exactly like I had envisioned it.

So, how’d that happen? Well, there is no secret sauce. It took a lot of hard work. It should. The final exhibition is a personal statement. That matters to me. A lot.

This is the first in a series of blogs that will cover many of the challenges that had to be dealt with during my efforts to host a successful exhibition.