Urban Geometry in Oakland

I am very pleased to announce a show in Oakland.  The exhibition runs from February 21 to April 28, 2012.  It will be hung at Kuhl Frames and Art at 22nd and Broadway in Oakland.  The proprietor, Travis Kuhl, is the excellent framer who did all 22 mats and frames for the 2011-2012 Purdue Exhibition and will be doing so for the 2012-2013 exhibition.

A total of 13 framed black and white images will be on display.  The images were taken in London, Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland.

Please stop by to view the photographs and experience the quality framing available.
Kuhl Frames Postcard 1

Please note that Kuhl Frames has moved since the exhibition. They are now located at:
1645 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA 94612